Post-Mortem Administration

If you have lost a loved one handling the final details of the estate post-mortem administration can be difficult. You will be going through the emotions of losing a loved one, while trying to make decisions about paying off creditors and closing out final affairs – selling homes, closing accounts, distributing IRAs, annuities, life insurances, final tax return preparation, distributing furniture and other keep sakes, opening up a trust account with a federal tax ID number, and marshalling the assets for a proper accounting – to name a few.

We work with successor trustees and personal administrators to help you resolve these complex final issues relating to post-mortem transfer of assets and property. We have experience in first and second death trust administration, including simple and complex trust administration for A-B-C, Disclaimer, and QTIP trusts; and, second death post-mortem administration of simple, complex, special needs, and dynasty trusts.