Intellectual Property

A strategy to identify, develop and protect your intellectual property rights is critical to establishing and growing a successful business. We provide both traditional and innovative strategies that help you take care of some of your most valuable intangible assets.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information: Our work includes the design and implementation of a trade secret culture within your business environment; we can provide you with a process to identify then classify and then protect your ideas (a Trade Secret Protection Program). We can create a “Compilation” of your ideas specifically designed to indentify your industry in general, what ideas, procedures, and processes that make your business special and what your future plans are vis-à-vis past trial and error. Also, our work includes the preparation and negotiation of agreements to protect and secure trade secrets and confidential information, including assignment of inventions, rights of first refusal, and noncompetition, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements.

Trademarks: We develop trademark protection strategies; perform trademark searches; prepare, file and prosecute trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Copyrights: We secure copyright protection for all types of original work of authorship, including computer programs, and are experienced in handling disputes involving material protected by copyright. Our services include developing copyright protection strategies; copyright searches; preparing, filing and prosecuting copyright allegations; preparing and negotiating copyright license agreements and work-for-hire agreements.

Licensing and Distribution: To help protect our clients in today’s modern business environment, we offer expertise in drafting and negotiating license and distribution agreements. We may unbundle your intellectual property from the company, license the intellectual property and create other various monetization techniques to increase the wealth earned by such. Most family and closely held business owners do not realize that by not defining and licensing their intellectual property, they are losing substantial value either through direct revenue earnings or tax savings. Our approach is educational and we are uniquely positioned to counsel you and your business accordingly.