Charitable Trusts

Many of our clients have charitable goals. We can explore a diverse array of techniques tailored specifically to achieve those goals, while doing so in as tax-favored a manner as possible. Such techniques include, but are not limited to:

Charitable remainder trusts (CRT; CRUT) – inter vivos or testamentary

Charitable lead trusts (CLT; CLAT) – inter vivos or testamentary (TCLAT or Super TCLAT)

Gifts of artwork and other tangible personal property

Donor advised funds

We also have a unique planning strategy for business owners through the use of identified intellectual property, separately owned by your own intellectual property company (the IP-LLC) and licensed to your widget business. The IP-LLC is in partnership with a Donor advised fund. The implications of such a strategy are boundless. For further information, see our Intellectual Property practice area.