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Do you have a long-term strategy for your business? Are your Trade Secrets documented and protected? What are your plans for the Exit?

Trying to conduct business without a long-term plan is like traveling to a foreign country without a passport or an itinerary. If you even get into the country, how can you succeed when you have no plans and no way to exit the country in the future? Having proper plans and documentation in place are essential when it comes to succeeding and taking your business to the next step.

Read more to find out about our new company, DKB Strategies and how we can help your business increase its value and thrive.

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DKB Strategies is a business re-engineering and strategy consulting firm based in Southern California. We specialize in the creation of specially tailored Enhanced Infrastructures and powerful operations improvements for your business. Through our DKB Strategies Operations Improvement Plan, we will improve your organization’s profitability and efficiency through Market Strategy Development, Intellectual Property Creation, and Estate Planning techniques.

Originally only offered to Advanced Estate Planning clients of the Bethel Law Corporation, our customizable business plans and models, intellectual property compilations and exit strategies have helped hundreds of clients realize tangible improvements in their organizations. After over 10 years of refinement, we believe our business growth and improvement strategies are so powerful that everyone should be able to apply it to their organizations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around for 45 years, our strategies will benefit your organization by adding value and improving the profitability of your organization.

We have removed the red tape and are ready to offer our unbeatable Business Strategies to the public. DKB Strategies is made up of industry experts and is helmed by the architect of our Business Strategies, Dale K. Bethel, Esq., President of DKB Strategies, Inc.

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