501(c)(3) Law

Many of our clients wish to commit their time and expertise to helping the community or championing a cause for which they are impassioned. A tax-exempt organization is the best solution for such. Whether you wish to provide grants or scholarships, gifts to numerous local charities, or help a challenge subsection of the society, there are solutions available.

We can assist you in forming your own Private Foundation, often with the goal of multi-generational philanthropy, a Private Operating Foundation with the deductibility of a public charity, or a public charity itself which will receive donations from members of the public who share your vision and goals. We have experience forming, advising, and dissolving nonprofit organizations, and can assist you in the process of obtaining both Federal and State tax exempt status.

We are experiencing a change in the values of society, with a rise of responsibility not just to the profit motive but also for the care and welfare of employees, suppliers, the community and the environment. This has given birth to the for-profit/nonprofit hybrid, championing the cause of social enterprise. A well-formed hybrids can take advantage of both private and tax exempt capital injection, with varying levels of transparency and accountability to suit your goals.