Getting Time Off of Work After a Car Accident

The time after a car accident can be extremely stressful. Perhaps you have medical bills to deal with, or you are still healing physically and emotionally. If so, you understand the toll this time takes on your wellbeing and financial situation. Some find that after a car accident it is in their best interest to take some time off from work. You may find that you need time to get back on track emotionally, rest and recover physically, or have the ability to make it to therapy and appointments with your healthcare provider.

The first thing to keep in mind when considering taking some time off of work after a collision is the recommendation of your doctor. The most important thing is to heal your injuries, as told by Falk & Falk Weston Car Accident Attorneys. Of course, no two injuries or circumstances are exactly alike. But when you are planning your recovery, consider your healthcare provider’s advice and try not to return to work before you have the physical and mental ability to do so – trying to get back in the swing of things before you are ready can lead to problems in the future as well as more days of work missed.

When planning your recovery and determining how you will handle missed days from your place of employment, you should also take into account your intentions regarding a personal injury lawsuit. If this is something that you are interested in pursuing, you may ask for compensation for missed days at work as a part of your claim. If you do not plan to seek a personal injury lawsuit, or if it does not apply to your situation, calculate how long you can afford to miss work.

The time will come when you will need to speak with your employer about taking some time off of work. How the situation turns out will largely depend upon the policies enforced at your place of employment. Unfortunately, even a short-term disability, if it requires you to stay home from work for a certain amount of time, can result in loss of income. If you have suffered significant or even permanent damage as a result of the car accident, you may have options, however, including being awarded a significant amount of compensation. You should speak to your employer, and be completely honest in regards to your circumstances. In addition, it may be in your best interest to speak with an attorney to discuss your options.